I'm the founder of a proprietary crypto market-making hedge fund and QlikViewModules.com. I'm a financial data science analytics engineer with an MSc. degree in Mechanical Engineering and profound knowledge in quantitative finance, data visualization, and management. I get inspired by hard problems that could have a substantial human impact once solved. I'm passionate about financial inclusion, fintech, and decentralized finance.
I like designing and building analytics products, optimizing systems, creating structure, getting the details right, and automating using well documented and pythonic code. On a project, I bring new ideas to solve the complex underlying problems. I have a never-ending thirst for learning new concepts, skills, and improving my mental models. Even without being paid, I would still build products.


  • Sept 2019 - Today

    Freelance Data Engineer

  • Mar 2018 - Nov 2019

    Built a proprietary cross-exchange crypto market making trading engine

  • Jan 2013 - Sep 2017

    Freelance Data Visualization Consultant

  • Sep 2009 - Jun 2012

    University of Leuven MSc Mechanical Engineering,
    MSc Business Economics - Finance

  • May 1988



expertise demo / code example

*Aware **Novice ***Intermediate ****Advanced


*   :
**  : sqlalchemy, pyspark, argparse, regex, flask-RESTPlus, flask
*** : redis, boto3, pandas, numpy, altair, folium, dask, threading, concurrent, geopandas, unittest, pytest
****: CCXT, logging


*   : AWS products - Analytics, Database, Machine Learning
**  : IAM, SNS, Elastic Beanstalk
*** : EC2, RDS, SageMaker, Parameter Store
****: S3, CloudWatch

Topics & concepts

*   :
**  : System Design, NoSQL, automated testing, command line interfaces, REST api creation (server-side using flask-RESTPlus & client-side using SWAGGER)
*** : documentation
****: Data Visualization, Financial Inclusion, Decentralized Finance, Fintech, REST api usage, Agile

Software & Tools

*   : Airflow
**  : Hadoop, Apache Spark, LucidChart, MongoDB,
*** : Redis, Linux, Git, Docker, ConEmu, TradingView, Jekyll static website generator, Sourcetree, Coda, shell scripts, cron scheduling, QlikSense, Windows Subsystem for Linux, Bitbucket, Jupyter Hub on AWS, black automatic code formatter, Cloudflare
****: GitHub, Atom+Hydrogen, MySQL, Asana, HeidiSQL, QlikView, MarkDown, Jupyter Lab

My data science platform Blueprint

Data science platform blueprint


*   :
**  : sqlalchemy, requests, google-api-python-client, flask-RESTPlus server-side REST api
*** : AWS CloudWatch Agent for log collection, SWAGGER client REST api generator, curl
****: CCXT, Oanda, REST api usage


*   : AWS ElastiCache
**  :
*** : Redis

Process - Stream

*   :
**  :
*** :

Process - Batch

*   : AWS (EMR)
**  : pyspark, dask
*** : pandas,


*   : AWS (Aurora, Redshift, DynamoDB, DocumentDB, EMR)
**  : MongoDB, HDFS
*** : S3, Redis
****: MySQL (AWS RDS)


*   :
**  : TradingView
*** : Altair, QlikSense, CloudWatch, SageMaker, folium maps
****: QlikView, JupyterLab


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Drop me an email if you are interested in me building a product for you or if you just want to reach out.